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Why having a spirit of discernment is critical to your growth!

Now, we are no expert on the matter of discernment. However, we have taken the time to be intentional with our healing journey, and continue to engage in everyday practices that keep the healing momentum going. Therefore, we believe that we can share our thoughts on the matter. Of course feel free to take or leave whatever isn't for you!

When you have a spirit of discernment, smelling the BS happens almost instantly. There is a shift from "always going through the motions" to seeing the red flags immediately and wasting no time "finding out". Your discernment is like a muscle, it gets stronger when we take time to strengthen it, and that means spending time knowing what your "spiritual muscles" need for sustainability.

So if you are asking "how do we strengthen our spiritual muscles?" the answer is simple, you spend time with yourself. You are probably like "girl, what are you talking about"? While we admit, it does seem rather confusing, it doesn't have to be. Just like our previous blog "Meditation Chronicles" where we talked about creating a safe, intentional, and healing space in our home; its the same idea when it comes to your spirit of discernment.

Simple activities such as journaling with intentional prompts, reading self-help books, watching inspirational videos, coloring, listening to healing music, and more can be just what the doctor ordered!

As we wrap up, we leave you with this "Self-discovery isn't always the easiest. So hang in there, it may be a bumpy ride, but you'll be happy you took the ride!"

Until next time lovely people,

Victoria Malone, CEO & Founder

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