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Victoria Malone, CEO & Founder


My name is Victoria Malone, and I am the CEO and Founder of Creative Healing LLC, an art business located in Louisville, KY. 

Creative Healing LLC was created to inspire others to express themselves freely and unapologetically through artistic means.


We offer several ways to assist our creatives who are looking to add fun, joy, and elevation into their lives, with monthly events and services ranging from commission art, sip & paints,  sisterhood workshops, and healing workshops.

At Creative Healing LLC, there is NO right or wrong way to express yourself artistically, all that we require, is that you show up, give it a chance, and let your art do the rest!

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How we got started

Our business started in 2016, with a simple Little Mermaid painting on wooden letters for our niece. After one social media post and lots of shares by others, our business began to grow wildly. We grew with our first product, hand painted images on wooden letters, that later turned into us facilitating our own Paint & Sip in June 2019.

After finishing our graduate degree in 2020 and becoming a therapist in 2021, we decided to go back to the drawing board with our original business "Creations by Victoria Lynn". From the drawing board, we birth a new name and business plan, called Creative Healing LLC, incorporating aspects of both art and psychoeducation.

Since the formation of our LLC in July 2022, our business has grown substantially. We have partnered with several community organizations, offered commission work, hosted several Sip & Paints, Sisterhood workshops, healing workshops, and creative workshops for kids. Art is who we are and what we do at Creative Healing LLC.

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Lets connect

We are always looking forward to meeting new people who are looking to add a little more creativity in their lives.

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