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What if you didn't quit!

Updated: Feb 1

As I take time to pause while working, I am reminded that anything worth having will definitely take time and patience to acquire.

I used to believe that being patient meant "waiting" on a certain amount of time to pass and then what you wanted would magically find its way to you. Man, was I skewed in my thinking. See the amount of time you "wait" is just something that will naturally occur, as we all know, everything in life is constantly changing, and that means time too.

So what does it mean to actually be patient you ask? Well its simply "how" you are patient while you are waiting. Its simply your attitude and how you behave, while instant gratification is being delayed. Are you positive and optimistic, or negative and rigid during the waiting period? Do you find joy in the process or do you dread every second of it?

Begin to ask yourself these questions. If you find that being patient is difficult for you, begin taking time to discover how you can start finding enjoyment during the process, and who can help along the way. The more we find beauty in the process, we find that obtaining our goals become easier, and before you know it, you won't even realize how much time has passed.

Keep going. You got this!


Victoria Malone

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