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Meditation corner chronicles

Hey lovely people. It's me again!

I am feeling revved up about this new blogging journey, and happy that you have decided to join me once again. I am sure you are wondering why tonight's blog is titled "meditation corner chronicles"? For starters, I initially was going to mention something about my Thanksgiving experience with my family. I had a pretty thought out idea and everything, but the moment I sat in my meditation corner tonight, that thought went straight out of the window. Okay, what's up with the meditation corner you ask? Well, before I jump in, just know its literally EVERYTHING. Its my creation and ultimate self-care place to rest, recharge, and reset.

My meditation corner is EVERYTHING as I mentioned before. I have intentionally set up a place in my room where I can "get away". Its a space where I am allowed to just be ME. Its a space where I steer clear of manipulating any outcomes, and just let the present moment guide me. My goal in that moment is to be free, and not in a restrictive state. If I am ever being restrictive in those moments, it simply means I haven't disconnected from my day to day, and that's where the PAUSE comes in.

The meditation corner is like a welcome mat. When it rains, we pause and take time to wipe our feet off. We do this to ensure that we are not bringing debris and water into the home. It's the same thing with my meditation corner. I have to wipe away today's thoughts and just let the present moment take over. I have to do this, whether a good or unpleasant outcome comes of it. Taking note, that I said "unpleasant" instead of bad in this situation. Anything we have bottled up or have left undone, has a funny way of showing up when our mind's are quiet, but isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just means...we need to listen to ourselves more!

So, I conclude tonight's blog past midnight, by saying this "I dare you to create a space of your own, and I dare you to fill your sacred corner with colors, textures, books, candles, essential oils, art, any anything else that brings peace. If you're feeling up to it, let us know your experience while creating and being in your new space. We are always happy to hear from you.

Until next time lovely people....

Victoria Malone, CEO/Founder

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