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Don't wait, start today!!!

Hey lovely people,

We did a thing. We started a Youtube channel yesterday and just went for it. Yes, we previously had the idea, but sometimes an idea can find its way of easily escaping or taking the back burner, especially when life is life-ing! And whew, it sure was. Now that we have learned to silence the white noise, we are focusing more on the things that light our soul on fire and getting things done!

BAG (Black Art Girl) is our NEW thing, and we are excited to introduce it to you! We have never used Youtube before, so there is definitely going to be a learning curve, but we are ready for it! We just chuckled, thinking about the time when we tackled our website on our own, learned how to make flyers on canva, and literally tackled any other task that we had to learn, in order to run our business efficiently. We literally sat down and just went for it, in all of those moments. So while you are on the journey with us, we encourage you to think about what you can start today.

All it takes is one moment, and you making the decision to commit to yourself and your dreams. You never know what can happen, when you step out in the unknown. So, we hope you START TODAY and let the magic unfold. Best of wishes to you and get to the BAG!

Victoria Malone

CEO/Founder of Creative Healing LLC

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